Consultancy & strategy

Backgrounds as medical and pharma meeting planners – expert insights from our strategists

At the heart of our services is an unparalleled passion for the healthcare industry. For us as pharmaceutical and medical meeting planners, it’s been the core of what we do for many years. As a result, Ashfield Event Experiences is an event consultancy that is truly a thought leader within this specialist sector.

As strategic thinkers, we’ve partnered with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to conduct various consultancy projects providing much more than just a comprehensive medical meeting planner service, such as commissioning our own independent white papers. Our data-driven approach to all these projects, coupled with our experience, insights and expertise, generate actionable strategy and tactics for all aspects of healthcare event management.

IPCAA Ashfield virtual congress research - part 2

Event consultancy with experience and expertise at every step

As part of our event consultancy service, we cover a wide array of areas: from establishing corporate congress visions and exhibit booth assessments, to enhancing online congress presence and providing virtual strategies with global implications. No matter your healthcare event strategy needs, we draw from our full end-to-end experience across the healthcare product lifecycle, meaning we’re ready to support you in identifying solutions to your challenges. Ultimately, we help you deliver best-in-class results for your business.

We work with you at every stage of the journey, sharing our insights and findings to refine and improve your overall outcomes – so why not get in touch today?