Creative concept & design

From event concept and branding to event experience

Design has the power to move people. It can help realize a vision, capture the imagination, enthral, motivate or simply connect people with a strong sense of purpose.  At Ashfield, creative event design thinking is central to creating exceptional experiences that truly bring your event concept to life.

Our multi-disciplinary design team works tirelessly to develop event concepts and branding that creates an impact and elevates your event delivery. Working alongside our production crewcontent specialists and project management teams, we create event experiences built around your brand – injecting your own unique personality into everything we deliver.

As an experiential agency, our goal is always to captivate your attendees, ensuring engagement and excitement at every turn. From purposeful pre-event communication, to the development of memorable touch points throughout the event itself, our designers touch every aspect of the event, weaving your event concept, branding and visual themes into the fabric of your event experience.

A creative event company ready to tell your story

Spanning digital, face-to-face live environments and exhibition space design, our broad design expertise covers everything from creative strategy, event concept and branding, to event collateral and engagement solutions. As a creative and experiential event agency we work with you from initial sketches and ideas all the way through to design, development, print and environmental application of your chosen theme, ensuring you’re happy and confident that your objectives and concepts are realized.

At the heart of every event experience is a story waiting to be told, and we understand that connecting with your attendees visually is one of the most striking and inspiring ways to do just that. Whatever your story or messaging might be, we can place it at the center of our creative event design, so why not speak to our creative and design specialists today and see how we can bring your vision to life!