Strategic pharma meeting planning & management

There’s an art to planning and managing exceptional events and, here at Ashfield, we’ve got the very best teams for the task of pharma meeting management and healthcare event planning. We’ve been hard at work mastering the necessary skills and expertise for well over 40 years as an event planning company because we understand just how important it is to achieve your objectives and deliver for your attendees each and every time. Whether you’re looking for healthcare or pharma meeting planners  or simply a high-caliber healthcare event planning and management company, we have the experience, the know-how and the capability to deliver.

From build-up to break-down, and beyond

It all starts pre-event, long before the doors swing open or sessions get started. You’ve got enough to focus on the road to your event, so our meeting planners make sure they have every avenue covered: from registration through to arrival, we don’t miss a beat in our medical congresses and pharma meeting management.

Once the event day arrives, our experts are on hand too, meaning your attendees are catered to professionally – but with a personal touch. After all, the very best experiences need much more than just good coordination! Our meeting planners, managers and teams look after your attendees, speakers and suppliers, so you can focus on your responsibilities without distraction.

Finally, once your event comes to an end and your attendees head home happy, our teams are still hard at work. Whether we’re collating attendee feedback, dealing with debriefs or finalizing the finances, our services extend until the very end of your event’s lifecycle. All part of our commitment to successful and strategic meetings management.

Big or small, in-person or virtual, we’ll bring your people together to make incredible things happen at your medical congresses and meetings. So if you’re looking for enthusiastic and energetic event planning and management company, we’d love to chat with you about the ins and outs of our project management and planning process – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Before the pandemic and pivot to virtual meetings, Ashfield project managed our yearly conferences, as well as all venue sourcing for our meetings, with expert confidence. Their knowledge and relationships with venues across the UK and their grasp around our strict compliance measures, alongside their project management expertise means you will always be in safe hands.


UK Meetings Manager, Global pharmaceutical business.