Helping to understand your virtual meeting options

16 March 2020

Considerations for delivering a valuable session for everyone taking part

Running or taking part in a virtual meeting for the first time can seem like a daunting prospect. There may seem a lot to consider – from what technological platform to use, to how to co-ordinate and communicate with attendees.

We’ve put together a brief check-list to help you fully consider the objectives and expectations of your virtual session. They support drafting a more effective brief for your virtual meeting provider as well as a better experience for your end-user.

  • Is your virtual session one to few, one to many or many to many? This will determine the most appropriate technological solution. For example, one to few may be better suited to collaboration tools such as Skype or Zoom, WebEx or Go To Meeting
  • Are there multiple speakers in multiple locations? If so, have you considered the best time of day to hold the meeting for both speakers and attendees? Co-ordinating time zones will maximise attendance
  • If spanning time zones, could this be run as an on-demand session? Or even run twice for optimum audience engagement?
  • Would it be helpful to include live translation services? There are now excellent live virtual translation services for online meetings
  • Do your speakers have experience of presenting in a virtual format, or do they need additional support? As with any type of meeting or live event, work with your speakers on their content and ensure they’re fully briefed on how the virtual platform operates
  • Have you factored in time for slide development? The viewing screen of your virtual platform may be smaller than a laptop
  • Have you considered who will support with moderation? It’s extremely difficult to host, present and facilitate Q&As at the same time – a moderator will help ensure a more polished, seamless experience for all those taking part
  • Have you ensured enough rehearsal time? Rehearsing your virtual meeting is equally as important as for any meeting or event type – don’t underestimate its value and impact

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