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Our client, a leading pharma company, was looking for a global team to plan 50 investigator meetings, as well as clinical advisory board meetings, protocol design and steering committee meetings, in 20 countries within a five-year span. The meetings were a variety of sizes – the smallest was attended by eight people and the largest stretched to over 400 – and had different time frames. Our client wanted to ensure that a consistent global lead was overseeing the program and that the investigator meetings provided maximum engagement with minimal budget. With a promising new product to get to market, our client needed a team that knew how to do this, with minimal direction, to allow them to keep on track with progressing the clinical trials within their scope.


As a preferred supplier for this client already, we hit the ground running, establishing a global team of planners, and appointing a consistent global lead that oversaw all of the meetings ensuring feedback from each meeting was taken into account to improve the next. We introduced consistent elements from one location to another. For example, stage sets in Asia, Europe and the US were all built differently but we ensured that they all looked and felt the same and made sure the messaging was consistent. We looked for synergies across all the meetings where we could find cost-savings. In order to keep the experience level high but still do more with less, we recommended which materials to invest in (so they would last the five-year life of the series of investigator meetings), and which materials to buy locally at each meeting.


We worked proactively, efficiently and effectively to seamlessly deliver meeting after meeting for our client. Our global lead across the 50 meetings built trust and partnership with the key stakeholders, creating open communication and confidence between us and the client. The client, given such short turnaround times, trusted us to handle any complications that came up and make decisions on their behalf. We are proud to have supported the series of investigator meetings and are now supporting the launch and commercial meetings for this product which has now been approved

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