Thinking differently for a pan-European pharma product launch


We were tasked with planning a sales training meeting to support a client’s first wave pan-European product launch. The client’s company strategy of challenging mind-sets was to be applied to day-to-day routine and encourage people to think differently. This had to be reflected not just in the content and theming of the meeting, but in the way our team approached the planning process, carefully considering the venue, branding, catering and – vitally – the event architecture and content.


The program  was led via the event app and took the attendee on a learning journey through whole-group and country sessions specific to the needs of their in-country launch excellence. Patient panels, in-call quality exercises, digital learning zones in public spaces and a patient-focused country-wide manifesto formed an intrinsic part of the program. The food and beverage continuing the challenger mind-set theme with – amongst other things – burgers that were actually chocolate and mango macaroons that were savory. A barn conversion was chosen for the off-site dinner and groups were asked to prepare and perform a haka (a traditional Māori war-cry) during the dinner. This truly fitted in with the theme and took people out of their comfort zones.


The event clearly delivered the launch excellence program to improve the skills and knowledge of the respective country groups while delivering strategy alignment and sharing best practices. Countries, teams and individuals left the event confident in their knowledge, expertise and strength of product for the upcoming launch despite a very challenging environment and competitor launches. All of this was underpinned by a cultural shift for the organization moving towards a challenger mind-set and an appreciation of how thinking and working differently, with a clear focus on patients and un-met needs, supported the launch of this industry-leading product.

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