Fully virtual, entirely remote!

Fully virtual, entirely remote


Our main challenge – shifting to a virtual programme. During a pandemic, to take an annual User Group Meeting, 200-person face-to-face live event experience for a global biotech company and produce an engaging, online environment to support customer engagement and deliver online plenary sessions, workshops , and customer user case studies. 

We had to provide a one-stop solution for end-users to engage with content, promote products, educate and create an online community. Ensuring all registrations, engagements, and content could be delivered through a single-source platform. 

The programme needed to run from May to the end of June 2020, and be targeted towards an attendance of 500, along with an open registration to a mailing list of approximately 10,000 invitees. 


Through desktop and app our SpotMe solution provided:  

  • a public registration functionality 
  • the content was pushed through notifications and home feed to delegates 
  • content and sessions were promoted via the activity feed 
  • live sessions were broadcast through the app along with scheduled reminders 
  • along with this, delegates had access to a resource library and support and technical resource also. 

In the background, we captured key marketing information per participant along with providing weekly user analytics including registration data. 

Here’s a further breakdown… 

Data collection and connecting participants

Using a series of profile questions, access to app content was targeted based on responses. 

Utilising the participant matching module, participants createdcommunities and contacts based on their personal areas of interest and personal demographics.  

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

Speaker engagement 

Speaker engagement sessions were promoted via promoted posts. Speakers engaged with participants, promoting their sessions through video blogs, answered questions, and feed post responses. 

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

Driving audience engagement – forms, feeds, and notifications 

To encourage engagement a series of targeted messages, links, and response forms provided participants with up-to-date news blasts that engaged participants throughout the 8-week communications plan. 

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

Joining live by desktop or mobile 

Participants gained real-time access to content through live broadcasts through an integrated solution. The stream was embedded within the app​. Participants could engage with content through polls and Q&As. 

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

Managed production service 

In the same way, as we would at a large meeting, we controlled all of the delivery of the output. There was no need for presenters to switch between each other or share their screens, and video/presentation quality was maintained when leaving the managed control point. 

Along with the video controls, we provided a sound desk to balance out the presenter audio and video audio, giving the participants an equalised overall sound. This allowed us to provide a high-quality event, whilst still allowing presenters and participants to be remote. 

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

24/7 access to content 

  • Through on-demand recordings 
  • Presentation slides 
  • Video content 
  • Pre- & post-read session reading materials.

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

Fully virtual, entirely remote; Geonomics SpotMe Solution

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