Creating a transformative experience


AbbVie briefed to design and build an immersive experience to disseminate educational materials and cascade key takeaways and product information on HUMIRA, a prescription medication used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions. We were challenged to develop a booth that ensured visitors felt instantly informed and educated. The design aesthetic needed to be inspiring and functional while reinforcing AbbVie’s market leadership, their focus on patients and engendering trust with the healthcare professionals in attendance at the EULAR congress. Before designing the booth, we felt it was key to identify and understand the audience’s educational needs to help us determine a suite of appropriate engagement tools which would deliver the right content and the right message at the right time.


We developed three distinct interactive areas that matched audience profiles. Each area gave delegates an insight into AbbVie’s brand campaign and further information on its commitment to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. Healthcare professionals were able to choose which area was most relevant to their learning preferences. The first area was a living wall that embodied AbbVie’s promise – that each individual matters. The wall featured 980 lilies with each flower representing 1,000 successfully treated patients. A second area featured an art installation that represented the treatment journey taken by three key types of patients. The artwork, which was influenced by conversations healthcare professionals had with the artist, had a strong emotional impact on visitors, demonstrating the patient journey from a more humanistic perspective. The third zone consisted of a virtual reality experience narrated with patient voices to highlight how AbbVie positively impacts everyday lives.


The booth was designed to attract visitors and optimize the attendee flow, ensuring that delegates received high service levels from the experience. It was important the booth design was based on the educational materials to ensure all visitors were instantly informed and educated in a short amount of time. The project was shortlisted for the Best Trade Show Exhibit at the Experience Design & Technology Awards 2016. Tiago Campos Rodrigues (General Manager, Rheumatology at AbbVie) said: “Our vision for the EULAR exhibit was to create a transformative experience for physicians and delegates that reflected HUMIRA’s leadership and commitment to having a remarkable impact for patients. It was important to us that every visitor walked away with a tremendous sense of pride and trust in HUMIRA and in AbbVie in rheumatology. This accolade is a terrific acknowledgement and we appreciate the recognition.”

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